Sunday, August 30, 2020

TRS-80 Trash Talk Live #7 is Coming on September 26th at 5pm Eastern

Join us on Zoom on September 26th at 5pm Eastern for another live show!  


In addition to the usual revelry and camaraderie of our typical live show, we'll be having a few special presentations to make up for the lack of Tandy Assembly this year. :(

Arno Puder and Andrew Quinn will be giving a presentation and demonstration of two exciting new TRS-80 projects, TRS-IO-M1 and PocketTRS.   Here are some of the highlights:


  • TRS-IO port to the M1
  • Supports all features of TRS-IO (FreHD, RetroStore, trs-nic, etc)
  • Same code base as the TRS-IO MIII
  • Has a 32kB SRAM chip included
  • Auto-boot feature
  • Fully Open Source

  • Hardware emulation of a MIII
  • Display via VGA. Color can be set to green, white, or amber
  • Keyboard via PS/2
  • Audio interface can be used for game sound as well as cassette input (500 Baud only)
  • I/O expansion bus emulation: one can connect external cards such as FreHD
  • Has TRS-IO embedded
  • Fully Open Source

Then, Tim Halloran will give us a short demo and progress report on hacking the CHOMRAtrs.

Despite glacial postal service between the US and Australia and chip shortages, a few of the new CHROMAtrs boards from Ian Mavric are working (based on work by Pascal Holdry). You may not know that Robert S French released much of the software (Ira's site) and it is possible to obtain the code and work on it. That's what Tim Halloran has been up to (with help from George Phillips) -- in particular making it easier for cassette-based systems to use the board. 

So mark the date and time and come join us on Zoom.  Everyone is welcome, even fans of other vintage computer platforms.  See you on Zoom!