Monday, March 22, 2021

TRS-80 Trash Talk Live #13 is Saturday, March 27 at 5pm Eastern

Come join us on March 27th for the next TRS-80 Trash Talk Live!  You can watch on our YouTube channel or get in touch for an invitation to our interactive Zoom session.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Episode 39

 These are the show notes for Episode 39 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Show Title

Episode 39 -  TRS-80 Newsletters


In this episode we discuss the usual news and current events in the world of the TRS-80.  We discuss a bunch of recent acquisitions.  We also review the book "TRS-80 More Than BASIC" and present a new segment "Call for Projects".  Then, we wrap up with a discussion of TRS-80 newsletters, which can be an interesting historical addition to your TRS-80 collecting hobby.

Trash Talkers

  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • Eric Dittman
  • Aaron Brockbank
  • George Phillips 


Tandy Assembly is scheduled for October 1-3 for 2021

TRS-80 Trash Talk monthly Live shows are a success

A TRS-80 Model III/4 composite video adapter is now available

NewPrint/80 is a TRS-80 virtual printer in development by Plaid Vest Software

trs80gp emulator has an important bug fix

Get in touch to join the Tandy Discord at

Recent Acquisitions

Holmes VID-80 and Sprinter III

“TRS-80 Means Business” Book and Accompanying Disk

26-2731 - School Administrative Software Products - Grade Reporting System

Montezuma Micro Wordstar ProPack for the Model 4


Model II TRS-DOS 1.1 Manual

Call for Projects 

The Trash Talkers discuss potential projects for TRS-80 enthusiasts to tackle.

1. LDOS Basic interpreter that runs on a modern platform 

2. Utility to mount a TRS-80 disk image onto a modern filesystem

Book Review

TRS-80 More Than Basic by John Paul Froehlich

Main Topic

"TRS-80 Newsletters"

The Trash Talkers discuss the history and current day collecting of TRS-80 newsletters.

Here is a list of known TRS-80 newsletters:

  1. TRS8BIT
  2. TRS-80 Microcomputer News
  3. 80 US Journal (80 Northwest)
  4. 80 Micro
  5. Micro 80
  6. two/sixteen
  7. Radio Shack Dealer Franchise Updates
  8. Byte Bandits of America
  9. Computer News 80
  10. DOSPLUS Newsletter
  11. Fayetteville TRS-80 User’s Group Newsletter
  12. King’s Byte - Kings County TRS-80 Users Group
  13. Maxi Series Newsletter
  14. Northern Bytes
  15. South Bay TRS-80 Users Group Newsletter
  16. Tidewater TRS-80 User’s Group Newsletter
  17. H&E Computronics TRS-80 Monthly
  18. TRSTimes
  19. TRS-80 Computing
  20. LDOS Quarterly and Misosys Quarterly
  21. Sydney TRS-80 Users Group - Sydtrug
  22. The S-Eighty
  23. S-80 Bulletin
  24. Stringy Floppy Newsletter
  25. Nibbles and Scribbles
  26. The Alternate Source
  28. Bits and Bytes
  29. Eastern Suburbs 80 Users Group Newsletter
  30. Computronics Model II Newsletter
  31. National 2 -> 6000 Forum Newsletters

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Episode 38

These are the show notes for Episode 38 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Show Title

Episode 38 -  To Paint Or Not To Paint Your TRS-80 and Tim Mann


In this episode we're joined by guest host Patrick Bureau from Texas Tandy Restorations.  Patrick leads us through the controversial topic of whether or not to repaint your TRS-80.  We also discuss lots of TRS-80 news and several interesting acquisitions, including a TRS-80 voice control device known as the Scott Instruments VET-2.  Finally, in our interview segment, Pete interviews the well known TRS-80 hacker Tim Mann.

Trash Talkers

  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • Eric Dittman
  • Aaron Brockbank
  • Patrick Bureau 


Recent Acquisitions

Scott Instruments VET-2

The Precedent Timekeeping Portfolio

Cheap Model 1


Teleterm-EM, Westico ASCOM, XMODEM for LS-DOS 6.2, others in an 8in disk box.

Computers and Programming - Minefield game using a 76477 attached to a Model 1.


Pete sits down with Tim Mann for an interview.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

TRS-80 Trash Talk Live #8 is Happening October 24th at 9PM EDT

Due to popular demand, we will now be having monthly live shows!  Woo hoo!

Join us for the next show on October 24th, 2020 at 9PM EDT.  We are not publishing the Zoom link going forward for reasons well known if you attended the last show.  :)  Watchers can join the YouTube stream.  If you'd like to join the interactive Zoom meeting, which is much more fun honestly, please get in touch privately.

This time around, we're going to have a presentation by Michael Wessel.  Michael is the creator of the super-cool new TRS-80 accessory, the Talker/80.  The title of the presentation is "The INPs and OUTs of Talker/80, a modern Voice Synthesizer for the TRS-80"

So be sure to join us and find out what it took to create a new TRS-80 accessory.  Maybe it will inspire you to create one of your own!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

TRS-80 Trash Talk Live #7 is Coming on September 26th at 5pm Eastern

Join us on Zoom on September 26th at 5pm Eastern for another live show!  


In addition to the usual revelry and camaraderie of our typical live show, we'll be having a few special presentations to make up for the lack of Tandy Assembly this year. :(

Arno Puder and Andrew Quinn will be giving a presentation and demonstration of two exciting new TRS-80 projects, TRS-IO-M1 and PocketTRS.   Here are some of the highlights:


  • TRS-IO port to the M1
  • Supports all features of TRS-IO (FreHD, RetroStore, trs-nic, etc)
  • Same code base as the TRS-IO MIII
  • Has a 32kB SRAM chip included
  • Auto-boot feature
  • Fully Open Source

  • Hardware emulation of a MIII
  • Display via VGA. Color can be set to green, white, or amber
  • Keyboard via PS/2
  • Audio interface can be used for game sound as well as cassette input (500 Baud only)
  • I/O expansion bus emulation: one can connect external cards such as FreHD
  • Has TRS-IO embedded
  • Fully Open Source

Then, Tim Halloran will give us a short demo and progress report on hacking the CHOMRAtrs.

Despite glacial postal service between the US and Australia and chip shortages, a few of the new CHROMAtrs boards from Ian Mavric are working (based on work by Pascal Holdry). You may not know that Robert S French released much of the software (Ira's site) and it is possible to obtain the code and work on it. That's what Tim Halloran has been up to (with help from George Phillips) -- in particular making it easier for cassette-based systems to use the board. 

So mark the date and time and come join us on Zoom.  Everyone is welcome, even fans of other vintage computer platforms.  See you on Zoom!

Friday, August 14, 2020

Episode 37

 These are the show notes for Episode 37 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Show Title

Episode 37 -  A Plethora of TRS-80 Items and Classical Mosquito


In this episode we discuss a whole bunch of TRS-80 accessories and recent acquisitions.  We then talk about the TRS-80 music album "Classical Mosquito" by Robb Murray.  Then we dive into some interesting eBay sales of rare TRS-80 accessories.  We wrap up with a review of the classic TRS-80 programming book "TRS-80 Assembly Language Programming" by William Barden Jr.

Trash Talkers

  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • Eric Dittman
  • Aaron Brockbank
  • George Phillips

Main Topics

Tandy Assembly Cancelled for 2020

Basque Tournament of TRS-80

New Lobo MAX-80 Archive

trs80gp Emulator Updates

Talker/80 now available for the Model III & 4

Tim Halloran’s Haunted House Hacking

Bob Snapp 2MB Boards for the Model 16B/6000

Recent Acquisitions

PT-210 Portable Data Terminal

26-1191 Multipen Plotter

TRS-80 Model 4D Service Manual Addendum

Sealed LS-DOS 6.3.1 upgrade

Apparat Programmer

Original Infocom Witness for the Model 2000

TRS-80 Printer Plotter

Complete VOXBOX

Interesting eBay sales

Monday, June 15, 2020

Episode 36

These are the show notes for Episode 36 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Show Title

Episode 36 - New TRS-80 Accessories and John Elliott IV 


In this episode we discuss a bunch of new add-on accessories for the TRS-80, including new versions of the classic CHROMAtrs and XLR8er boards as well as the new Talker/80 voice synthesizer. We also talk about some big Tandy XENIX news as well as the new z80unit assembly language testing framework.  We review the popular TRS-80 hardware hacking book "Hardware Interfacing with the TRS-80".  Finally, Pete interviews former Tandy software engineer John Elliott IV.

Trash Talkers

  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • Eric Dittman
  • Aaron Brockbank

Main Topics

TRS-80 Trash Talk has passed 150,000 Downloads!

Tandy Assembly 2020 Plans

The XENIX 3.2 Development System and XENIX 3.3 Operating System have been recovered

XLR8er is coming back as 4Cellerator for only $USD149.99!

ChromaTRS is also coming back! 

Tim Halloran's z80unit


The RCA TV monitor used for the Model I Video Display.

Interesting eBay sales

4GA or 4D?

Expensive Cassette?

Book Review

"Hardware Interfacing with the TRS-80" by John E. Uffenbeck


Pete talks to former Tandy software engineer John Elliott IV