Monday, September 5, 2022

Episode 44

These are the show notes for Episode 44 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

Show Title

Episode 44 -  Tandy Assembly 2022 and the Floppy-80

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In this episode, as usual, we update you with the latest news and current events in the world of the TRS-80.  George tells us how trs80gp now emulates the MC-10.  We have a preview of the exhibits appearing at the upcoming 2022 Tandy Assembly.  We then cover a bunch of interesting recent TRS-80 related acquisitions, including items from the collection of Mike Yetsko.  Finally, in our main segment, we introduce the Floppy-80, a new floppy emulation product.  We talk to its main promoter Patrick Bureau and its creator Michael McCarrick to get all the details of this exciting new product.

Trash Talkers

  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • Eric Dittman
  • Aaron Brockbank
  • George Phillips 
  • Patrick Bureau
  • Michael McCarrick 

News and Current Events

We’ve recently passed 250,000 downloads!  Yay!

MCLZ8 – A Zilog Z80 Emulator for the TRS-80 Model III

The original TRS-80 Tech Tips have been archived by Tarkie and Ira

What’s new in trs80gp 2.4.8

Call for operating systems for the Japanese Model I with Kana keyboard

Jay Newirth is producing a new complete plug-n-play FreHD solution for the M3/4

The June 2022 edition of TRS8BIT is now available from the downloads page at  Competition update.

Upcoming Events

Tandy Assembly 2022 - Sep30 - Oct 2

Recent Acquisitions

Main Topic: Floppy-80

Patrick Bureau and Michael McCarrick talk about the newest TRS-80 floppy emulator, the Floppy-80.