Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Episode 23

These are the show notes for Episode 23 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Episode 23 -  Tandy vs IBM


In this episode the Trash Talkers welcome vintage computing podcast pioneer David Greelish as a guest host.  Pete, Ian and David discuss how Tandy reacted to the the introduction of the IBM Personal Computer in 1981.  Tandy Radio Shack had all the advantages with its massive distribution network, its existing business focused Model II computer and with the forthcoming powerful Tandy 2000 computer.  How the company attempted to compete with IBM and eventually failed is the main focus of the discussion.

Trash Talkers
  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • David Greelish

Retro Commercials
  • Mike Rowen

Topics and Links

David Greelish’s Classic Computing Site
Kemner’s Surplus Warehouse
Knut Roll-lund’s PlayCAS
Mav’s Hi-Res Archive
The Model II Archive Project
The IBM Personal Computer
Lotus 1-2-3: The Second Killer App
How IBM's 5150 PC shaped the computer industry
The complete history of the IBM PC, part one: The deal of the century
Tandy 1200
TRS-80 Model II vs IBM 5150
Tandy 2000 FAQ
Tandy’s Shifting Sales Strategy