Saturday, March 31, 2018

Episode 22

These are the show notes for Episode 22 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Episode 22 -  TRS-80 Clones: The Dick Smith System 80


In this episode the Trash Talkers discuss one of the most popular of the TRS-80 compatible or "clone" computers, the Dick Smith System 80.  The System 80 was mainly sold in Austrailia and New Zealand but variants were also sold in the United States and Europe under the PMC-80 and Video Genie brands.

Trash Talkers
  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • Terry Stewart
  • "Breakdown" Game
  • "Actual Reality" Game
  • Micro Bee Mini Vintage Computer Faire
  • Frank Durda IV
  • Model II Disassembly guide
  • Recent Acquisitions
  • Learning from eBay
  • Feedback
  • Main Topic:TRS-80 Compatibles

Links and References

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Microbee Mini Vintage Computer Faire
Frank Durda IV
GofundMe for Frank Durda’s Family
Christian Schreuder’s Model II Disassembly Guide
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