Monday, June 15, 2020

Episode 36

These are the show notes for Episode 36 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Episode 36 - New TRS-80 Accessories and John Elliott IV 


In this episode we discuss a bunch of new add-on accessories for the TRS-80, including new versions of the classic CHROMAtrs and XLR8er boards as well as the new Talker/80 voice synthesizer. We also talk about some big Tandy XENIX news as well as the new z80unit assembly language testing framework.  We review the popular TRS-80 hardware hacking book "Hardware Interfacing with the TRS-80".  Finally, Pete interviews former Tandy software engineer John Elliott IV.

Trash Talkers

  • Peter Cetinski
  • Ian Mavric
  • Eric Dittman
  • Aaron Brockbank

Main Topics

TRS-80 Trash Talk has passed 150,000 Downloads!

Tandy Assembly 2020 Plans

The XENIX 3.2 Development System and XENIX 3.3 Operating System have been recovered

XLR8er is coming back as 4Cellerator for only $USD149.99!

ChromaTRS is also coming back! 

Tim Halloran's z80unit


The RCA TV monitor used for the Model I Video Display.

Interesting eBay sales

4GA or 4D?

Expensive Cassette?

Book Review

"Hardware Interfacing with the TRS-80" by John E. Uffenbeck


Pete talks to former Tandy software engineer John Elliott IV