Friday, March 1, 2019

Episode 29

These are the show notes for Episode 29 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Episode 29 - Interview with Steve Leininger


In this episode, Peter Cetinski talks with Steve Leininger.  Steve was the designer of the first TRS-80 microcomputer which became known as the Model I.  In the interview, Steve talks about his early life and how he came to be hired by Tandy Radio Shack to design their first computer in 1976.  He tells us what it was like to work at the fabled company with a number of interesting stories, many of which you probably haven't heard before.  Then, he finishes up by discussing what he's been working on since leaving the company up until the present day.   

Trash Talkers
  • Peter Cetinski
  • Steve Leininger
    • Mike Rowen
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    • Peter Cetinski interviews Steve Leininger.


    Purdue University

    The Homebrew Computer Club

    TRS-80 Model I

    TRS-80 Model II

    Z8000 Microprocessor

    Archive of Steve's Workbench on the Wayback Machine's_work_bench.html

    Steve's Interview from 1977